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By 7029650326 10 Jan, 2018

WHAT IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT?   The majority of Americans still lack a sufficient understanding of the sexual harassment problem in the workplace. Test your knowledge:   1.   True or False?    Due to increased training and education, sexual harassment complaints in the United States are now on the decline.   2.   True or False?    Federal and State Law strictly prohibit all sexual jokes and comments in the workplace.   3.   True or False?    When sexual harassment is claimed, it is the intent of the harasser that determines whether or not his or her conduct was sexual harassment.   4.   True or False?    The victim of sexual harassment and the harasser cannot be of the same gender.   5.   True or False?    The majority of sexual harassment complaints arise from requests or pressure for sex by male supervisors toward female subordinates.   6.   True or False?    A person complaining of sexual harassment must show that they were the intended object of the sexual comments or conduct.   7.   True or False?    Retaliation by supervisors or co-workers against persons complaining of harassment is strictly prohibited by Federal and State Law.   8.   True or False?    Employees complaining of sexual harassment cannot be discharged without proof of gross misconduct for at least one year following their complaint.   Answers: 1—False, 2—False (but engage in such behavior at your own risk), 3—False (the critical factor is the impact upon the complaining employee), 4—False, 5—False (hostile work environment claims predominate), 6—False, 7—True, 8—False (retaliation is strictly prohibited, but such employees must still do their jobs and are provided no specific job protections).          

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