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Effectively Protecting Labor Organizations

Howard Vex and Nancy Gage have spent much of their career working closely with public sector labor organizations and their members, including police, fire, DPW, administrative and other white-collar and blue-collar bargaining units.

They believe in working with the clients on a personal level to present the best possible case. Mr. Vex has been the judge, prosecution and defense lawyer for various cases and can handle any case with ease. 

Legal Assistance in Different Areas of Labor Organizations

  • All aspects of labor relations
  • Grievances, arbitration and unfair practices
  • Collective bargaining and interest arbitration
  • Litigation and policy disputes
  • Strikes, picketing and other job actions
  • Fact-finding and mediation 
  • Protecting union members and their families with all their legal needs

Representing Two Largest Public Sector Unions

Vex Law LLC is proud to represent the two largest public sector unions in Northwest New Jersey as well as several other bargaining units. Call us today to schedule your appointment.
Are you a victim of unfair labor policies? Call us at 973-402-5200 to discuss your concerns with our experienced attorneys.
"Mr. Vex did an excellent job representing our company during our case. He was extremely knowledgeable and his advice resulted in us walking away unscathed and with our heads held up high. It lasted quite some time, and when I called him, he returned my calls, when I emailed him, his response was prompt. Never at any time did I feel that he did not have my case as top priority on his list. And not at any time did I ever feel that he did not have our back. He was professional, courteous and prompt. He was reliable, knowledgeable and prepared. Going forward he will be our contact for any legal issues we encounter. We will use him again."


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